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  1. Adele Maeve Ellen Jones

    My great great grandparents (James O’Day and Mary Carrigan) both came from Thurles and were married in Melbourne in 1865. Other O’Days came too and I have the full histories. What I would like to do is come to Thurles again and find the marriage of my 3X great grandmother Ellen O’Day need Ryan and Thomas O’Day (or anything about my 4x great grandfather MARTIN RYAN). Does the cathedral have a service for old marriage or baptism records? I have all the details of all the brothers and sisters of James. All plus Ellen O’Day my 3xgreat grandmother died in Melbourne and are buried in the Melbourne General Cemetary.

    Thank you

  2. Maggie McNab

    Think I have found a mistranscribed Familysearch Index record of marriage for my ancestor Jane McNab (transcribed as McNob), to Michael Kenny (transcribed as Canny), at Templemore Thurles Tipperary on 6 Feb 1866. Have not as yet gained access to the original microfilm via Famsearch. Michael was a soldier with the 59th Foot regiment, and think they had met in Glasgow Scotland in 1865 when his regiment was there. Believe they could also have had a child Mary Kenny born ?? Ireland around 1865 – 67. They were Catholic, and I wonder if there are any parish records kept in Templemore? Did Military keep any records of marriages or births? Been chasing this pair for years!! Any ideas re records or military /barracks info would help. Cheers

  3. admin Post author

    I suspect you are unto something here.
    In December 1865 the Nenagh Guardian newspaper reported that the 11th depot battalion in Templemore had been sent to Newry & Enniskillen, in Northern Ireland, to be replaced by the 59th Regiment from Glasgow.The reason assigned for the transfer of the previous troops is that it was strongly suspected that the regiment had been tainted by Fenianism, latter a term for the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century.
    I regret I am not aware of any military records. Parish records could exist Email Very Rev. Canon Eugene Everard, PP, VF, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Email Address:

  4. Kerry Driscoll

    My GG Grandmother Bridget Catherine (sometimes went by either name) Ryan, daughter of Michael Ryan and Margaret Tynan, left Thurles, Tipperary, and ended up in Melbourne. She married Lawrence O’Rourke in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1857. They emigrated again to New Zealand around 1862. I am visiting Thurles next year and would like to have any further information of her family if it is at all possible. The parents names were on her marriage records.

  5. Brigid Meller

    Could you please email me information on the Famine and War Museum in the old St. Mary’s Famine Church in Thurles? My mother was there in September and she took LOTS of photos. Unfortunately she lost her notes on both of these. She wants to put her photos together, but can’t remember what is what.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. admin Post author

    Hi Brigid,
    Nice to hear from you.
    If you send us the pictures we will be happy to detail the content.
    Send your pictures to and we look forward to communicating with you by return.

  7. Kerry Driscoll

    Further to my previous post. I have found what I believe is the record of the family arriving into Australia on the Malvina Vidal in 1853. Margaret is aged about 42 and has children, Honora 22, Ellen 21, Bridget 19, Anastacia 18, Laurence 7, Sarah 16, Mary 15, Edmond 4, and Michael 12.
    If this is the correct family they arrived into New South Wales and as there are so many Ryan’s of similar names in the area I am having trouble confirming where they went, as yet. Margaret also has a record of having parents, James and Bridget, who were both deceased in 1853, as was her husband, Michael Ryan.
    The marriage of her daughter Bridget Catherine Ryan records her mothers maiden name as Tynan…..but I would like another record to be able to be sure that is not a typo.
    Now, this record says they were from Clonoulty (written as Clonoutly), Tipperary. Margaret is called a farm laborer, and can read and write.
    I would appreciate ANY help with this so I can visit the correct places and hopefully further my information and maybe meet living relatives in the area.

    Thank you so much.
    Kerry Driscoll

  8. Kerry Driscoll

    Bridget Catherine Ryan, daughter of Michael and Margaret (nee Tynan), was from Holycross, Tipperary. She was born about 1834, and had a brother Thomas Michael Ryan. Both went to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    Neither make the baptism records online but other siblings do Church Baptism.
    Ryan Margaret 1840, Ryan Judith 1842, Ryan Patrick 1838, Ryan Catherine 1844, Ryan Eleanor 1836, Ryan Edmund 1847.
    All of Holycross, Thurles, Co. Tipperary
    I would love to be able to track this family further as I am coming to Thurles in June.

    Kindest regards

  9. Kerry Driscoll

    I am still hoping to locate a copy of the baptism of one of the children in the hope that it shows a town land, however it is likely to be Ballycahill.

  10. admin Post author

    The local priest has checked the parish records for the baptisms of Bridget Catherine and Thomas Michael Ryan. The records only begin in 1836 so the two siblings mentioned above are not recorded since she was born in 1834 and presumably Thomas Ml. was born 1835 or could they be twins?
    However I am sending you the dates of Baptism and sponsors for five of the six mentioned. I got no details for Catherine 1844.

    Name Date of Baptism Sponsor/s

    Margaret Ryan 21-3-1840 Ml. Costelloe & Mary O’Dwyer

    Ellenora Ryan 1- 9 -1836 Timothy Tynan & Mary Ryan

    Patrick Ryan 9 – 8 -1838 Patrick Dwyer & Margaret Ryan

    Judith Ryan 6 – 6 1842 Pat Ryan & Judy(?) McGrath

    Edmund Ryan 24 – 2 – 1847 John and Mary Tynan.

    I do know that there is a Tynan woman buried in the grounds of the Church of Ireland in Holycross but I do not know the grave site. Thos Tynan mentioned that to me years ago, but he is in St. Theresa’s Nursing Home and is not seeing visitors of late.

    Sorry I don’t have better information.
    Regards George

  11. Kerry Driscoll

    Thank you very much for that info George. Most appreciated.
    I have been to the Ballycahill cemetery – on my trip to Ireland last June. I have some photographs of Tynan graves there and will go through them.
    I suspect my people were either from Newtown or Ballynahow in Ballycahill parish.
    The second son born was Patrick, so maybe Margaret Tynan’s father was a Patrick, but it is just supposition.

    If Thomas Tynan is well enough please give him my kindest regards from New Zealand.

    Kerry Driscoll

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